Parent Coaching

One of the most important jobs on the planet is raising the next generation of human beings, also knowing as Parenting.

We start off with visions of how much fun it will be to have our own kiddos, imagining ourselves at various stages of their lives and what joy it will be to watch a little-one grow and develop.

However, I often hear parents lamenting that “No one teaches you how to be a good parent.” or “Nobody told me how hard parenting would be!” The reality of parenting is often very different from our initial musings, often being quite surprising and challenging! Sometimes we just need a little support.

DBL&C Parent Coaching is that support, designed to teach you how to be the best parent you can, create harmony and alliances in your house – as opposed to battles, war, and unrest – and to literally make manifest that vision you had when you first dreamed of having a child. Those long-forgotten visions of fun and joy with your children, regardless of their age, can still be a reality.

Here are just a few areas we can work on together:

  • Challenges with electronics

  • Not listening

  • Rebelling

  • Frustration/anger/blow ups

  • Homework

  • Trust

  • Lack of Communication

  • Co create a solution through collaboration

  • Develop a process for healthy communication

  • Deep dive into what is underneath

  • Effective methods for restoring peace

  • Learn to be hands off & kids learn to own their own life

  • Tools to create strong connection