Youth Leadership Academy

This training is an introduction to lifelong tools that set a foundation for young people to get gritty and embrace the inherent leader they already are. Owning their choices and taking response-ability for themselves and their impact on our world.

As a result, these young leaders focus on resolving issues and creating the life each young adult wants in their relationship with self, parents, siblings, family, school and future endeavors like college and career. Everyone is a leader in their own life, whether they are playing a team sport, planning a school project, or learning to drive and navigate. No one is going to follow these youth around for the rest of their lives making sure they do what they need to— well, we hope, right?!

At the Youth Leadership Academy, we use leadership models, experiential learning, creative and fun exercises to point to choice, the critical component our youth need to succeed in life today. This means your young person learns to have awareness that there are choices and they are empowered to choose, and then they can consciously and mindfully choose and own those choices.

Some of the benefits from attending the Youth Leadership Academy:

  • Responding versus reacting

  • College and career decisions that are resonant & made with ease

  • Take ownership of their life and are responsible for themselves and their world

  • Collaboration & improved communication with parents, family & friends

  • Permission to be a leader & live their most fulfilled life

  • Balance in all aspects of life

individual sessions with teens and parents are also available. ready to transform your family & your youtH? click beloW: