Finding the balance in your personal and family life

Finding the balance in your personal and family life

A couple of months ago, I found myself on a beautiful island on a quasi-weekend getaway and I was astounded at the shift in my entire personality. I literally felt transformed upon arrival at the hotel. My perspective broadened and I realized that everything I left behind, all the work and worries, were so insignificant compared to what’s going on in the broader sense of my life. And I know that we can’t take a vacation every week or every month, but what we CAN do is take a look at balancing our lives. 

Why is balance important? If you find yourself chronically unhappy, there is a good chance there is imbalance in your life. 


Imagine a wheel, and each spoke on the wheel is a category of your life: health, friendships, money, career, growth, fun, etc. If each spoke is unevenly filled in, then the wheel you use to travel on your journey of life is going to be pretty bumpy. 

The FIRST STEP towards a smoother ride and finding balance is acknowledging the imbalance exists. Ask yourself, “Where am I imbalanced?” This may be one area of your life or multiple; are you laser focused on your kids, over-committed at work, or maybe stalled out on your personal development? 

The SECOND STEP is to consciously commit and choose to create more balance. This means spending time creating a vision for how to make space and time for what you DO want. We waste so much time and energy focused on what we don’t want. You may choose to schedule a reoccurring lunch date, or simply set a timer to remind yourself to get outside and appreciate the day. 

The THIRD STEP is to create a plan for execution. Think of tiny, achievable baby steps that will help you achieve balance. For example, if you are interested in losing weight or running a marathon, your strategy might look like this: 

1.     See a doctor

2.     Join a gym

3.     Read a book about proper nutrition

4.     Construct a meal plan

The FOURTH STEP is to lean-in to someone who will hold you accountable. Talk with someone you trust about your goals and plans. Ask them to check-in with you and hold you accountable. Be sure to communicate HOW they can best do that; E.G. do you want them to ask how it’s going or do you prefer reaching out to update them on your progress? 

And LASTLY, “Begin again.” All of us fall down and mess up. We fail and that is NORMAL! Make it your mantra to “Begin again” and give yourself a break! Know that where we make mistakes is often our greatest opportunity to grow, and don’t be afraid to pivot. 

 “Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness. And through this awareness we can grow.” Koi Fresco

Challenge: Find ONE area of your life you feel is imbalanced. Use your calendar to schedule time to begin shifting this imbalance.